lunes, mayo 03, 2010

Happy Sunday

Yesterday was a Sunday perfecto.Aunque started the day very cold and looked like it would rain, then the climate began to improve, take my suitcase and went to Mosntruitos together with my friend Mercedes and beatiful work of Con Pajaros en mi Cabeza, to participate in Fine Arts district.
It was very entertaining, do not stop to talk, there were many people who liked our work, we also sell.
and also did a great trade with inquietas manitos , a girl valpo amigurumis doing these wonderful.

The end of the day, and as a reward for my day at the fair, i bought these chocolates


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Con pájaros en mi cabeza dijo...

Ay que rico terminar el día comiendo chocolates :P
Fue muy entrete compartir el día en la fería contigo Moira, gracias por toda la buena onda :D